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“Poor and Proud” Premiere Party


Just a week before the official web release we invited the best among us at a secret location to present the adventures of the Poor and Proud.Just another reason to party of course.

Major Props to Amstel who hooked us up with the beers 🙂

Thank you all.
Web Premiere: Sunday 21.4.13 – 20.00pm

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Introducing Sport Billy


Just so you ignorant baby fuckers know who know 🙂

“Sport Billy   was a  boy from the planet Olympus  which is populated by athletic god-like beings. Billy himself has a magic size-changing gym bag – the Omni-Sack – which produces various tools as he needs them. He travels to Earth on a mission to promote teamwork and sportsmanship. Described by the show’s theme song as a “hero from another planet”, Billy battles the evil Queen Vanda and her gnome-like henchman, Snipe. Vanda’s mission is to destroy all sports in the galaxy since fairness disgusts her.

Billy is assisted by two faithful companions, a girl named Lilly and a talking dog named Willy. The trio travel around in a time traveling spaceship, which resembles a giant wind-up clock, complete with a ringing bell, and mounted on two rocket engines. Each episode the trio travel through time to save a different Earth sport from Queen Vanda’s grasp.”

In our episode I m afraid Lilly had to be the real sport

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For the Poor Cool and Beautiful

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